Alliance News services

Alliance News is provided in three tiers, available for market-data terminals, closed-access trading websites, and open-access information websites.

ALL Professional

: The complete real-time news service for UK equities professionals and sophisticated non-professional traders, some 350 news items per day.

ALL Investor

: Provides comprehensive streaming news on U.K. companies and stock market activity for active non-professional investors and non-trading financial professionals. Approximately 250 items per day.


: Provides continuously updating coverage of UK companies and the news events that matter to them. 150 items per day.


dpa-AFX International services

For clients who require global financial news to complement our dedicated UK coverage, we will offer the complete English news from our partner dpa-AFX on a single, integrated feed.

dpa-AFX International ProFeed – International economic, financial, corporate and general news with a general focus on Europe. News on US, European and Asian companies is combined with relevant coverage of fixed income, currencies and commodities. Up to 2,000 news items per day, including economic indicators from 50+ countries.

dpa-AFX International Compact – A comprehensive financial news service providing private investors, financial advisers and back-office specialists with the means to keep up with the latest financial news from around the world.