Editorial Policy

Our core aim is to provide independent, fast and reliable news for financial professionals.

Alliance News journalists only work for Alliance News. They adhere to strict guidelines and policies designed to enforce the independence, accuracy and reliability of the news they produce.

  • We do all we can to ensure accuracy and fairness in all our output.
  • All Alliance News articles are well sourced and written in clear, precise language. We are honest about what we don’t know and avoid speculation and rumours. Sourcing is attributed. We do not mislead our subscribers.
  • We acknowledge any errors in our copy as soon as we know about them and correct them immediately.
  • Alliance News reporters and editors always represent themselves clearly and correctly in all correspondence and online activity, clearly stating who they work for and their role.
  • We treat material supplied by third parties with appropriate caution, taking account of the reputation of the source.
  • Members of Alliance News editorial staff take every care to ensure they remain independent and unbiased. They do not accept more than token gifts or expensive hospitality or trips. They do not promote people or organizations in their copy.
  • All Alliance News editorial staff must sign an annual Code of Conduct, ensuring that members of staff have released no information before it is sent to the wire; have no financial involvement, including close family involvement, in securities they are covering; have rejected any attempt at bribery or reward greater than those set out above; and have always adhered to our editorial guidelines.
  • We sometimes use anonymous sources and do everything to protect the confidentiality and anonymity of any source. However, we strive to give readers as much information as we can (such as a person’s role), to help them make a judgement on the information provided by any anonymous source.

If you would like more details about the Alliance News editorial policy or if you believe the policy has been breached, please contact the editor & chief executive.