The Content Partners of Alliance News allow the AllNews Team to focus on what they do best – covering companies and stock trading. Markets in every country are influenced by international events, with economics and politics affecting share prices in a big way. Like Alliance News, our content partners are the best in their fields.

News Partner

dpa-AFX Wirtschaftsnachrichten is one of the leading news agencies for German and English language real-time financial and economic news. With a worldwide network of journalists, dpa-AFX provides independent, reliable and fast news on international financial and economic developments – as articles, radio and video reports.

News Partner

The Press Association is the UK’s leading multimedia news agency and digital content supplier. As well as being the home of the UK’s national newswire – which supplies news to national and regional newspapers, magazines and broadcasters – the Press Association has evolved as a provider of tailored multimedia content solutions for a broad range of businesses, brands and public sector organisations.  PA’s products and services span everything from sports data APIs, hosted live blogs, and social media content to media training, page production services and TV listings.

Data Partner

ICAP Information empowers you to make trading decisions with authoritative and independent over-the-counter (OTC) market information from ICAP, a leading markets operator. We provide data services across all key asset classes and offer innovative solutions for real-time, end-of-day and historical products. Our data is the intelligence behind algorithmic trading, research models, risk and compliance applications and portfolio pricing and management. We are a key source of mark-to-market data for the industry. ICAP Information delivers 100,000 instruments generating an average of 300 million updates per day. ICAP Information is part of TP ICAP group, a global firm of professional intermediaries that plays a pivotal role in the world’s financial, energy and commodities markets. For more information, please visit or contact